Art has always been part of my life. I can remember in first grade having drawing contests with the other kids. I was always the class artist. In Junior High School I was involved in set design for church productions and also did most of the advertising flyers. But in High School my skills started to be refined. I was accepted to and attended the Jackson, MI Career Center for Commercial Art. It was during that time that I enhanced my abilities. I learned the practices of commercial art and the business behind art. I often joke that my senior year was three hours of art, an hour of drafting and an hour of calculus. At the end of High School, I received full paid tuition, room and board for an Architecture Degree and therefore, decided to pursue architecture instead of art. I still continued to enter and win art shows. I soon found that the prize money for the semi-professional class was higher than amateur class so I started entering at the level. To my surprise I was still winning ribbons and best of show. I started doing some commission work as well.

Although art was one of my passions, I decided not to pursue a career in art. I didn't want my passion to turn into “work.” Art is relaxing to me and I feel it is the inner expression of your soul. I also decided that architecture was not something I wanted to pursue either. However, my time in Architecture school taught me to use watercolors, one of my preferred medias. Additionally, that education/experience helped me to get into the computer science field. I have found that the computer science field lends itself to my artistic abilities in the design of web pages and software.

In 2010 I decided I wanted to paint in oil to take advantage of the deep color oil provides. After 2 years of researching the science of painting with oil I did my first painting. Today oil is my main media and life is my subject. I like to tell stories with my paintings, to shine a light on the everyday, the scenes that people miss and show the beauty that exists all around us. I once read "an artist's job is to document their life." I hope to live up to that statement by painting what isn't seen.